Set the Mood With Colored Light Bulbs

Nothing says humor and party like colored bulbs. When people want to add a festive or jovial atmosphere to a room, changing lighting is an ideal way to do it. Whether temporary or permanent, colorful party lights can

have drastic or subtle effects, depending on the type of bulb and how many are used. These are available both online and in stores. Some websites offer special discounts when buying in bulk. These special lighting tools are not your daily halogen bulbs:


There are many uses for these decorative bulbs. They can be temporary additions inside and outside for parties, barbecues, and dances. Start a romantic evening or highlight a special occasion. For college students, they add a unique flavor to any bedroom or suite.

Here is a look at the many varieties that can change the atmosphere with some twists of the wrist and the flip of a switch.


Standard DB transparent lights come in a variety of colors. They produce a high tone that changes the way everything looks when turned on.


Ceramic incandescent DB bulbs offer a soft touch of color for a party or special event. These are specially coated to prevent fire hazards and promote light. They come in a variety of socket sizes and powers. Add a soft glow by placing bulbs of different colors in different shots. One area of ​​the room may have green lamps, while another part of the room might have yellow or orange:


When it's time for an outdoor party on the patio, kick up a notch with spotlights of colors. These come in all colors of the rainbow and then some. Create colorful pink, blue and red areas in the backyard or wash the deck in mysterious green lighting. Tell partygoers to use the white, so they stand out, bathed in different shades depending on where they are:


Fantastic colored balloons or small flame-shaped bulbs on a candlestick are suitable for lunches, dinners and romantic dinners for two. Set a celebration tone for a special night with a colorful screen.


Perhaps the most popular and well-known color lights are used for Christmas decorations. Choose one or more colors to wrap strings of lights around trees, shrubs, and railings. Hang the Christmas lights from the roof or gutters or show them in the windows of the windows for a more festive holiday theme.

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